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LOAN are not a curse but a joy for people to understand this you need to keep a few things in mind,There are two types of people in the world, one of them does not want to take a loan, but he gets a loan very easily, and the other does not want to take a loan, no matter how hard he tries.For those who get loans easily, the loan is a joy and for those who try to get a loan, it seems like a sorrow.

To day we will discuss very interestiong topics about he who no one goves money can also get money.first you try to understand, thre is several wey to get money,man who lost money loss a lot.but man who lost trast he loss you can get loan easely, and the man who nevet get loan he also elegable to get loan, how this is our topics to day.

There is a main qualification geting LOAN

Any gess need one qualification that is trast,trast is the correny of is a way to stale thetransition,but original currency rupes ,doller ,yen,there’s nothing the original currency is trast.whose trast is more he can get loan easely.and his loan interest also be low or we can say he get loan low interest rate,and he can refand money very easely because of longer duration.and who have less trast he never get loan,if get loan interest will be high,and presure to refund loan means short duration,

There is several way to geting loan Avalable in the Market Protection Status

fast we know about civil score /what is cevil score

Civil score, also known as credit score, is a numerical value that represents an individual’s creditworthiness. It is a crucial factor that lenders consider when deciding whether to grant a loan or credit to a borrower. Civil score ranges from 300 to 900, and a higher score indicates a lower risk of defaulting on a loan.

In simpler terms, a civil score is a reflection of a borrower’s credit history. It takes into account factors such as payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, and credit inquiries. These factors are used to calculate the credit score and provide lenders with an overview of the borrower’s financial health.

One of the primary reasons why a civil score is important is that it helps lenders assess the risk associated with lending money to a borrower. A borrower with a high civil score is seen as less likely to default on a loan, while a borrower with a low civil score is viewed as a higher risk. Lenders use civil scores to decide whether to approve a loan application, and if approved, the interest rate and terms of the loan.

A civil score also plays a crucial role in getting a loan. Most lenders require borrowers to have a certain minimum civil score to be eligible for a loan. Borrowers with a high civil score are more likely to be approved for loans and may receive better interest rates and terms.

The civil score is not only important for getting loans,

but it also affects other financial transactions, such as obtaining a credit card or renting an apartment. Landlords and credit card companies use credit scores to assess the risk associated with renting an apartment or providing credit to a borrower.

Improving a civil score is possible by making timely payments, reducing credit utilization, and avoiding new credit inquiries. Building and maintaining a good civil score is a long-term process that requires discipline and consistency.

Now we look the perspective of the investor tha will give you a LOAN

1.change name
2.change Residence
3.change Industry
4. change contact No
6. Repeat Fruds

5.court cases

In this reason trast factor is reduce and investor thing why i will take risk,invest in gold/invest in share market,this trast factor is became a problem not only a state all over india.Banks NPA Debt level have reached historic of Rs.8.34 Lakh crore.default Money Amount 7% of GDP, that amount people didno’t give back.It has now spread like a cancer in our country and it has become a social problem.

Now you think how you can get LOAN?

Don’t warry, techonology updated day by day,New startup Launchin,We found there is a new start up last one year solvig this issue,you can get and resurch about this platfrom.Now i am teling the name of this platfrom.cred Mate, this is such a platform where both giver and the recevier of the money make a compromise,so this concept advance fom bank,in your every time you loan not only bank sometimes you get loan from friends relatives,maybe two business man loan each other,

The Informal Market of Lending

Lending and borrowing money in the informal market can be a challenge. While banks offer a more formal approach, borrowing from friends or relatives can be done without any clear contract or agreement. Credmate serves as a solution for this issue. It provides a platform where individuals can lend and borrow money while maintaining transparency and accountability.

Introducing Credmate: A Platform for Mutual Understanding in Lending

Credmate is a platform that has been gaining popularity in the market due to its unique concept of facilitating negotiations between lenders and borrowers. This platform serves as a medium where both parties can come to a mutual understanding. In this article, we will delve deeper into the workings of Credmate and understand how it is changing the lending landscape.

The Credmate LOAN Score

Credmate assigns a score to individuals based on their lending and borrowing history. The score reflects the percentage of timely payments made and the speed of repayment. Those who score well have no difficulty in getting investors as their score provides an estimate of how much money they can save. Investors are more confident to invest in individuals with high scores as their identity details such as Aadhaar and PAN card are documented on the platform.

This is the and Security

Credmate provides real-time updates on transactions, ensuring that all parties involved are aware of every detail. The platform also offers security through OTP confirmation during lending and borrowing. Fraudulent individuals are identified and prevented from borrowing money again.

Promotions and Reputation

Credmate offers a unique feature where individuals can promote the need to pay back their loan by paying a small fee. Members also share their photo ID on the platform to protect their reputation. This ensures that borrowers prioritize their repayment and maintain their credibility.

The Future of Lending

Credmate is just one of the many startups that offer innovative solutions to the lending market. As more such platforms emerge, individuals will have access to easier lending and borrowing opportunities. It is important to invest with all the information available to make informed decisions about where to lend and how much to invest.

How Credmate works

Credmate is a platform that connects borrowers and lenders, allowing them to negotiate loan terms and agreements between themselves. The platform is designed to be simple to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find potential lenders or borrowers. Unlike traditional lending institutions, Credmate does not require collateral or credit scores to approve loans.

Real-time updates and confirmation

One of the key features of Credmate is its real-time updates and confirmation process. When a borrower receives a loan from a lender, both parties receive an OTP (One Time Password) confirmation. This confirmation ensures that both parties are aware of the loan transaction and that the borrower has agreed to repay the loan within the agreed-upon timeframe.

In addition, Credmate keeps a record of all loan transactions, including the borrower’s repayment history. This history is used to calculate the borrower’s Credmate score, which is a measure of their creditworthiness on the platform. The higher a borrower’s Credmate score, the more likely they are to receive loans from potential lenders.

Advantages of using Credmate

Credmate offers several advantages over traditional lending institutions. Firstly, it allows borrowers to receive loans without the need for collateral or credit scores. This makes it easier for individuals who may not have access to traditional lending institutions to receive the financial assistance they need.

Secondly, Credmate’s real-time updates and confirmation process ensures that loan transactions are transparent and secure. Borrowers and lenders can have confidence in the platform, knowing that their transactions are being recorded and monitored.

Finally, Credmate’s Credmate score system ensures that borrowers with good repayment histories are more likely to receive loans from potential lenders. This helps to create a more fair and equitable lending environment, where borrowers are judged based on their repayment history rather than their credit score.


In conclusion, Credmate is a platform that is revolutionizing the lending industry. By connecting borrowers and lenders directly, it is making it easier for individuals to receive the financial assistance they need. Its real-time updates and confirmation process and Credmate score system are ensuring that loan transactions are transparent, secure and fair. As more and more startups like Credmate enter the market, the lending industry is poised for a major transformation.

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